Oh the new year

Happy 2015!

Everyone is reflecting on 2014: thinking about the new year to come and making plans for how this year will be better than the last. Maybe some promises have been made, some goals set, and some resolutions underway.

I, too, have thought about the past year – a year of reflection and an attempt to find ‘moi’. While no doubt the reflection will continue in 2015, my simple desire for the coming year is…well…to make it more simple.

I desire to simplify each day, my goals, and my writing.

My whirling dervish of a brain took me a lot of places this past year. While I learned a lot, the biggest learning was how easily I made life complicated. I tried to take a zillion steps all at once and ended up like the Tasmanian devil – and never caught that damned Bugs Bunny.

Sure, the spinning wasn’t all for not. I learned the value of breath, clearing space, taking one step at a time, and trusting that’s enough.

So here’s to more of that: a simple 2015 with many more simple desires.