It’s okay to be stuck

It’s okay to be stuck. Really, it’s okay. There’s just something you need to learn. Something you need to do. Someone more you need to be. And the more stuck you feel, the bigger the lesson you need to learn.

It’s life saying: “HEY! WAKE UP! You’re more than this! You’re wicked awesome and the world needs you to be wicked awesome. But you’ve forgotten how wicked awesome you are. So…it’s time to remember! It’s time to hunker down and remember. Do the work! Even if you don’t know exactly what your next step is, that’s okay. We’re here to help! We got ya! You’re not alone.”

And by ‘we’, I mean God, the universe, angels, loved ones who may be deceased but who remain close in your heart, others in your life who see and know who you really are…,all the forces within you and around you who are there, all the time, whether you choose to pay attention or not. (And yes, most of them talk with a lot of exclamation marks because they are excited for you. We’re all excited about who you are!)

Even I, writing this blog, am excited for who we all are. I’m excited about who I am and what is possible for me, and I’m excited for you reading this and everyone around me because of the potential each of us brings to the world. Sure, some people are more aware of their potential and who they are than others, but that’s all good. We’re all where we need to be, even if it feels like crap at the moment because don’t get me wrong, being stuck has big moments of suck-ed-ness. BIG moments of suck-ed-ness. Seriously. I’ve been feeling stuck for a while now. I haven’t blogged much (obviously). I’ve been distracted. I’ve cried a lot. I’ve been tense, stressed, and anxious. At times it’s been overwhelming. At times I’ve screamed “What the fuck am I supposed to do next? I don’t know what I’m doing. This isn’t working. I’m lost and I can’t see the way out. Please just tell me what to do. Please. I’m begging!”


The thing is, I’ve known all along the answers are in me—as they are in you—but that only made it more frustrating. Clearly I wasn’t hearing them. The noise is my head was too loud and was drowning out the answers to my questions.

So, I started to breathe. Deeply…and a lot. Because in the breath is stillness. And we need to find the stillness in order to find the answers.

In and out. In and out. Deeper and deeper until I started to let go of the cacophony of clatter. I started to let go…and the answers started to come. I started to remember. I started to get grounded again. I started to come out of the quck sand I had put myself in. And, more importantly, I realized that I wouldn’t have learned what I needed to learn if I hadn’t gotten stuck in the first place.

Being stuck is okay. It’s good. Like the person who has a near-death experience and realizes how precious life is, getting stuck is your wake up call. Breathe it in. Find the stillness and embrace that you are learning more deeply about your wicked awesomeness!

That’s my simple desire for all of us.