Haagen Dazs love

Man, I love Haagen Dazs coffee ice cream. I seriously love it. I can’t even express to you how much, but I do. I love it! (She says as she meticulously scrapes the bottom of the carton and scarfs down her last spoonful of the sinful goodness followed by a contented, almost erotic, sigh of complete satisfaction.)

It’s just so creamy and it slides so effortlessly down my throat like a cool cascade of smooth silk. I love it so much that I am overcome with the simple desire to write about it. I don’t get it very often – Haagen Dazs ice cream that is. I’m actually pretty good at resisting it most of the time, probably because the stark contrast between its significant dollar figure and its less than significant carton size angers me. So, I only succumb to the temptation when it’s on sale – a good sale – OK, well a decent sale. Hmmm, define “decent.”

I know food is not the source of happiness, but every once in a while, a moment can only be made more perfect by a delicious, decadent dessert. My moment right now is sitting by the fire, basking in the  silence of children in bed and a husband out for the night. I am content and at peace. My world and my belly are full despite my now empty Haagen Dazs cylinder.

I feel like this post should be a little more profound – you know, my whole instrument of light thing – but maybe just sharing this simple joy of mine is enough for today.