This seven who started a revolution

This past weekend I met six people who are and will continue to influence the world in unbelievable ways. We came together in various stages of transition and left with not only new-found friendships and connections, but with new-found belief in our individual power. Together we fueled a fire that put into motion plans that will be bigger than we can predict and reach others in ways untold.

The fire of the revolutions was ignited by the woman who brought us together, Enette Pauze – affectionately referred to as the Master MindMesser. This is a woman with a heart, mind and vision of epic proportions who simply knows that being epic cannot be achieved by one’s self. We need each other to change the world. So, by initiating the weekend, she knew that by sending out a vibration for the need for “more”, the right people would respond to her call…and they did. My God, they did!

Over the course of three 12-13 hour days—that flew by as if a mere minute passed— Enette guided us and from time to time dropped pebbles of insight into our minds knowing she was actually starting ripples of revolution in our souls.

Water splash

The focus of the weekend was on “Master Planning” and for each of us that meant something different. For some it was about master planning businesses and taking them to the next level. For others – like me – it was about master planning life’s purpose. Despite the label of the weekend, what was at its core was shared wisdom…the wisdom we each carry with us every day, often times without realizing its depth. As such, the weekend started with physical gifts of wisdom that we gave to each other by way of introduction, but little did we know that throughout the three days we would continue to share gifts of wisdom in other ways as we questioned and challenged each other to seek higher awareness and a greater purpose in ourselves.

Between wine and peacock feathers, tears and elation, and perhaps the odd “f*ck”, we created magic and rose to our “next levels of incompetency.”

As a result, these seven are going to:

  • run billion dollar companies and change the rotational axis on which this world spins, for the greater good
  • change the state of healthcare in our country and ensure thousands of lives are saved each year
  • play golf around the world while kicking ass and taking no prisoners in organizations that are screaming for change
  • dare companies to unscript their approaches to problem solving and change through improv and innovation
  • influence and empower world leaders across the globe to inspire people and nations in new and meaningful ways through the infinite power of the spoken word
  • give power to the voices of our elders so that their wisdom and lessons learned from the past are heard and will impact generations to come
  • expose and celebrate the messy art and beautiful purpose of life through performance and the written word

The beauty is that these seven are not super heroes. We represent all of us. We represent you, your friend, your colleague, your sister, brother, mother or father. We represent the possibility for anyone to raise the vibration of the planet. And more will be called to join Enette as these sessions are only in their infancy. Her ripples of revolution will continue to circle and expand.

My simple desire is that this post exposes the beautiful purpose of life through shared wisdom. It is the “seventh” seizing her ripple. May it reach shores unknown. May it inspire you and remind you that a revolution burns in you

The power of positive affirmations

Think positively baby! Yes. Turn your crap into happiness and lift up out of any negative space you might be in and see the awesomeness that is you.

I know. You read and hear people tell you all the time to think positively. There are inspirational posters and books and even company ads like Nike telling you to “Just do it!” everywhere. I just Googled “inspirational quotes” and got everything from “Every day is a second chance” to “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door” to “don’t follow your dreams, chase them” etc. etc. Pick the most spectacular skyscape, waterfall, child chasing a butterfly image to go with it and you get the idea.

All of them are excellent sayings, but we start thinking they are cheesy, annoying or useless when we are inundated by them or we’re not open to hearing them, or they’re not the message we need right now.

However, let me challenge you to use positive affirmations deliberately to get at their full power.

This means you figure out a piece of your life you are uncomfortable with, feeling overall gross about and create a positive affirmation about it – customized to you. And then repeat it again and again and again.

For example, if you’re feeling stuck and like you’re not moving forward in your life at all, your affirmation might be “I am exactly where I need to be.”

If you’re struggling to find value in yourself, your affirmation might be “I love myself deeply.”

By being deliberate, the affirmation is all about you and you can discover new inner strength and self-belief.

6 tips to creating and getting the full power out of positive affirmations:

  1. Make them authentic and about you. Where are you blocked? Turn it around and use that.
  2. Phrase the words in a positive and visionary way – e.g., “I am not dumb” – is not a good positive affirmation. It contains negative words, so it can’t work. However, “I am smart and capable” is a great one.
  3. Remember you don’t have to believe them right now. If fact, it’s better that you don’t. It should feel uncomfortable at first. That just a sign you’re holding back. The most powerful affirmations start in the areas where you hold the most doubt about yourself.
  4. Allow them to evolve. You may use an affirmation for a few months that really felt right and strong, and then eventually you feel like its power is gone. Embrace that. It means you’ve grown and it’s time to stretch again! In fact, you might start with one and then within a day or so recognize that it’s not quite right. Listen to yourself and know when it’s time to change it up.
  5. Repeat. Repeat. “Repeat. I read the Healing Handbook by Tara Ward and she recommends that you say positive affirmations 10 times in a row twice a day (morning and night), and also when you are feeling low throughout any given day. Repetition helps it stick.
  6. Say them to yourself in a mirror. There is power in looking at your eyes and saying “I love everything about myself” over and over. You might you look away at first because you can’t quite believe it, but keep repeating it. Let it sink in. Soon you’ll start to feel a shift.

Positive affirmations are awesome, because when they are used well and regularly, not only do you put positive vibes out in the universe, you also put them into yourself. Your mental/emotional/spiritual states start moving. You start feeling more confident; start trusting yourself more; start having a clearer sense of your path.

It’s time to re-program your brain so the positive overpowers the negative every single day. It’s the positive stuff that’s true anyway. Hey! There’s an affirmation right there “The positive words I hear and say about myself are the truth!”

Just try it. It’s my simple desire for all of us.

Get lifted!

woman-flying.jpg (800×534)I’ve been thinking recently about how important it is to find moments to get lifted. Maybe it’s because I’ve been hearing one of my new favourite songs more often these days: “Lifted” by Alysha Brilla. Now there’s song you can’t listen to and be in a bad mood! I LOVE IT. Every time I hear it I crank up the volume, sing as loudly as I can and dance. Of course I’m usually in my car when I hear it, so the dancing part is a little limited, but no doubt I’m very entertaining at red lights 🙂

I also have a new friend I’m getting to know, and every time we connect – by phone, face to face, over email – I feel incredibly lifted. She’s amazing. Her energy. Her passion for life. Her optimism. She reminds me how fun life is and how great the gift of friendship is. She also makes me believe I can do anything.

What song makes you feel lifted? Who do you love to hang around just because they make you feel unstoppable? My simple desire for me and all of you is to listen to songs that make you want to fly and be near people who make you feel the same way…way more often.

We have to be deliberate about it, because it’s too easy, when we’re getting gas, groceries and grabbing kids, to forget what life should feel like. We get bogged down in :”the usual.” And then, after days, weeks, months of getting bogged down, we start to feel heavy. So, get lifted as often as possible. Do things and be around people who make you feel alive. Really alive, Because that’s what life is all about baby! It’s that simple.

Oh the new year

Happy 2015!

Everyone is reflecting on 2014: thinking about the new year to come and making plans for how this year will be better than the last. Maybe some promises have been made, some goals set, and some resolutions underway.

I, too, have thought about the past year – a year of reflection and an attempt to find ‘moi’. While no doubt the reflection will continue in 2015, my simple desire for the coming year is…well…to make it more simple.

I desire to simplify each day, my goals, and my writing.

My whirling dervish of a brain took me a lot of places this past year. While I learned a lot, the biggest learning was how easily I made life complicated. I tried to take a zillion steps all at once and ended up like the Tasmanian devil – and never caught that damned Bugs Bunny.

Sure, the spinning wasn’t all for not. I learned the value of breath, clearing space, taking one step at a time, and trusting that’s enough.

So here’s to more of that: a simple 2015 with many more simple desires.