I’m just a chic who has a simple desire to be uplifted, inspired and feel deeply connected with this life and with others on a daily basis. I have a goofy, childlike husband who keeps me laughing when I get too intense. I have three cuties who keep me present when I start wandering off. I have many beautiful friends who energize me when I begin to doubt. It is because of the light of each of these people that my light shines brighter.

My Simple Desires is my way to share a bit of my light with you, in hopes that you will share a bit of yours with me. Then, maybe, together everyone around us will need sunglasses in our presence. How cool would that be ?!


Be The Light

Be the light that slivers through the blinds at first dawn.

Be the light that radiates Mary’s golden halo through the sacred glass.

Be the light that seeps in under a closed door.

Be the light that dances on waves of turquoise sea.

Be the light of the mesmerizing fire glow.

Be the light that sparkles in the eyes of my gleeful child.

We know enough about the dark.

Be the light.


by Andrea Montgomery

One thought on “About

  1. Graham Milne says:

    Happy New Year Andrea! In the hopes of inspiring a few more posts, I nominated you for the WordPress Family award: http://grahamscrackers.com/2014/01/04/the-wordpress-non-dysfunctional-family-award/

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