This seven who started a revolution

This past weekend I met six people who are and will continue to influence the world in unbelievable ways. We came together in various stages of transition and left with not only new-found friendships and connections, but with new-found belief in our individual power. Together we fueled a fire that put into motion plans that will be bigger than we can predict and reach others in ways untold.

The fire of the revolutions was ignited by the woman who brought us together, Enette Pauze – affectionately referred to as the Master MindMesser. This is a woman with a heart, mind and vision of epic proportions who simply knows that being epic cannot be achieved by one’s self. We need each other to change the world. So, by initiating the weekend, she knew that by sending out a vibration for the need for “more”, the right people would respond to her call…and they did. My God, they did!

Over the course of three 12-13 hour days—that flew by as if a mere minute passed— Enette guided us and from time to time dropped pebbles of insight into our minds knowing she was actually starting ripples of revolution in our souls.

Water splash

The focus of the weekend was on “Master Planning” and for each of us that meant something different. For some it was about master planning businesses and taking them to the next level. For others – like me – it was about master planning life’s purpose. Despite the label of the weekend, what was at its core was shared wisdom…the wisdom we each carry with us every day, often times without realizing its depth. As such, the weekend started with physical gifts of wisdom that we gave to each other by way of introduction, but little did we know that throughout the three days we would continue to share gifts of wisdom in other ways as we questioned and challenged each other to seek higher awareness and a greater purpose in ourselves.

Between wine and peacock feathers, tears and elation, and perhaps the odd “f*ck”, we created magic and rose to our “next levels of incompetency.”

As a result, these seven are going to:

  • run billion dollar companies and change the rotational axis on which this world spins, for the greater good
  • change the state of healthcare in our country and ensure thousands of lives are saved each year
  • play golf around the world while kicking ass and taking no prisoners in organizations that are screaming for change
  • dare companies to unscript their approaches to problem solving and change through improv and innovation
  • influence and empower world leaders across the globe to inspire people and nations in new and meaningful ways through the infinite power of the spoken word
  • give power to the voices of our elders so that their wisdom and lessons learned from the past are heard and will impact generations to come
  • expose and celebrate the messy art and beautiful purpose of life through performance and the written word

The beauty is that these seven are not super heroes. We represent all of us. We represent you, your friend, your colleague, your sister, brother, mother or father. We represent the possibility for anyone to raise the vibration of the planet. And more will be called to join Enette as these sessions are only in their infancy. Her ripples of revolution will continue to circle and expand.

My simple desire is that this post exposes the beautiful purpose of life through shared wisdom. It is the “seventh” seizing her ripple. May it reach shores unknown. May it inspire you and remind you that a revolution burns in you

5 thoughts on “This seven who started a revolution

  1. Karen says:

    Beautiful piece of writing Andrea! My favourite phrase was “starting ripples of revolution in our souls”. Just lovely. Sounds like a very inspiring weekend!

  2. […] the journey and the surprise beauty each step brings us.  Like the weekend I recently had and blogged about. A few months ago, it wasn’t even on my radar. I didn’t even know Enette (who led the […]

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